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NHL 22 [Xbox Series X]



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NHL 22
NHL 22

Powered by Frostbite, NHL 22 from EA Sports for the Microsoft Xbox Series X is here with a huge leap forward in graphics and the arrival of Superstar X-Factors.

EA SPORTS NHL 22 gets the superstar treatment. For the first time ever, experience EA SPORTS NHL on one of the industry’s most powerful game engines bringing unrivaled visual detail to every hit, deke and shot.

Superstar X-Factors lets you feel the personality and power of NHL superstars with an all-new ability system that unlocks the unique skills of the league’s most elite players. Authentic to real player skill and style, the stars of the NHL truly come to life in EA SPORTS NHL 22 making their time on ice more influential than ever . From HUT to World of Chel, Superstar X-Factors brings new class based strategy to every game mode.

Frostbite Engine

For the first time ever, the legendary Frostbite engine comes to EA SPORTS NHL 22. Bringing massive visual upgrades to both current and next generation console games alike, NHL 22 is one of the biggest leaps forward in graphics in franchise history. From overhauled player likeness and cloth animations that bring players to life to dynamic lighting creating truly immersive game environments, there is improvement everywhere you look.

Visual Improvements

  • Across all game versions, Frostbite delivers huge visual upgrades that dramatically enhance realism. From overhauled player likenesses and all new eye animations that track and react to the action around them, the superstars of the NHL have never felt more alive. Everywhere you look, players can expect upgrades including:
    • Improved Skin Shading: New skin rendering combined with improvements in lighting adds more realism to player faces than ever.
    • Cloth Animation: As players move, so do their uniforms. New animations add physics to cloth materials that react accurately in response to player movements.
    • Hair Shader Upgrade Across All Players: Borrowing hair shader technology from the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise, players have performant hair that lights more realistically.
    • Overhauled Player Likeness: Over 100 star players and generic player head models have been totally rebuilt from the ground up to reflect the current season and bring more detail to your favorite players.
    • Uniform Improvements: Micro-detail on fabrics and component branding for patches/logos is delivered in higher resolution making every stitch visible. All done without impacting performance, memory and disc utilization.
    • Eye Animations (PA2 Procedural Awareness): Players are now more expressive than ever before as PA2 technology breathes new life into them with reactive eye movement. Players’ eyes track to take notice of primary events happening around them (ex. Looking for a pass) as well as secondary glances at nearby targets (ex. Opposing players).
NHL 22

Stick Physics

  • Game physics get an upgrade with new physically-true stick interactions that result in:
    • Battles for the puck that are fair and based on skill.
    • Stick-on-body contact that results in more accurate penalty calls in key moments like poke-checks..
    • More realistic movement along the boards without sticks poking through geometry.

Augmented Reality

Key game stats and information are projected directly onto environmental surfaces in the game through an augmented reality-like visual package that seamlessly blends info with action. Bringing more information directly into the game lets you better manage your strategy by staying on top of vital stats in real time without pausing out to the game menu to search for them.

New X-Factor Animations

All new player animations exclusive to Superstar X-Factor abilities add more dynamic action on ice during key moments like Pickups, Deflections, Protecting the Puck and more.

Superstar X-Factors

Feel the power of Superstar X-Factors, a game-changing system allowing you to unleash unique player abilities that make stars feel like stars where their time on the ice is more influential than ever. Reserved for only the more elite players in the league, Superstar X-Factor abilities separate the best from the rest, and make superstars feel like their real life counterparts.

The game features two tiers of Superstar X-Factor abilities assigned to players; game-changing Zone abilities and enhanced Superstar abilities. Each player receives one Zone ability that defines them and a secondary set of Superstar abilities. The actual function of any Superstar X-Factor ability always remains the same, but it’s level of boost changes between Zone or Superstar assignments.

True to the game, Superstar X-Factors are inspired by the signature traits the league’s top players are known for. Whether it’s a blistering slapshot, precision passing, explosive speed on the rush or lightning-fast reflexes in front of the net, Superstar X-Factor abilities span all positions on the ice bringing an all new layer of class-based competition and strategy to the game.

Zone Abilities

Players are assigned one Zone ability that defines them, giving them a more unique ability that sets them apart from the competition. Zone abilities are always on, activating automatically under the right conditions.

For example, a Zone ability that enhances long passing completion engages when a long pass attempt is made (however, it has no effect on short passing). A particular Zone ability is available to only a limited number of players, and in some cases even exclusive, meaning some players have an ability unique to them that no other player in the game has.

Superstar Abilities

All Superstar X-Factor players also receive a set of Superstar abilities. They are less powerful than Zone abilities, but provide a skill boost to the skill area they represent.

Superstar X-Factors in Game Modes

Superstar X-Factors bring elite abilities to life in every major game mode including Hockey Ultimate Team, World of Chel, Franchise and Be a Pro. Bringing an all new dimension of strategy, Superstar X-Factors dramatically refreshes the game experience across all of the most popular ways to play.

Hockey Ultimate Team

HUT is an NHL 22 game mode that allows you to create your fantasy lineup of NHL players, alumni, and icons, and compete with them online. Create your squad, collect rewards and become the Ultimate Team.

World of Chel

The WOC multiplayer hub features more ways to play than ever before. Build your custom player and compete across a variety of modes including EASHL, Ones and Threes arcade.

Be A Pro

The Be A Pro experience gives you the chance to live the life of an NHL player, on and off the ice. Impress the front office, chase greatness as you earn your spot on the first line, compete for the Stanley Cup and breakthrough to become the league’s next best.

Franchise Mode

Build your dynasty across multiple seasons in Franchise Mode as you take the helm of your favorite NHL team or create the expansion team of your dreams. Scout players, manage coaching and line chemistry and experience the frenzy of the Trade Deadline in pursuit of the Stanley Cup.

NHL 22

EA SPORTS NHL 22 is an all new game for a new generation, giving you more ways to play and compete than ever before. This is breakthrough hockey!


  • New Gameplay and Presentation Features - Frostbite-powered gameplay updates across EA SPORTS NHL 22 include new physics, updated visuals, and realistic animations.
  • Visual Upgrades - The Frostbite engine delivers huge visual upgrades that dramatically enhance realism throughout NHL 22. From overhauled player likenesses to all-new eye animations that track and react to the action around them, the superstars of the NHL have never felt more alive.
  • Superstar X-Factors - This game-changing system lets you unleash unique player abilities that make stars feel like stars as they influence games in new ways. Reserved for and inspired by the league's most elite players, Superstar X-Factor abilities separate the best from the rest in tangible ways that you can feel when they're on the ice.