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Bulk Pokemon Cards: 3 Booster Packs - 30 Cards Total [Card Game, 2 Players]

by Pokemon

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Bulk Pokemon Cards: 3 Booster Packs - 30 Cards Total
Bulk Pokemon Cards: 3 Booster Packs - 30 Cards Total

Your Pokémon Trading Card Game collection is about to get a powerful boost with 3 random Pokemon TCG Booster Packs!

Pokémon Trading Card Game

In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, players build decks around their favorite Pokémon and then play against each other, sending their Pokémon into battle with the goal of winning Prize cards by defeating their opponent's Pokémon. Players can build their decks from scratch or begin with theme decks - preconstructed decks designed to cover the basics of the game. Then, they can augment their card collections with booster packs that provide more cards, letting players develop more diverse decks.

Your Best Value on Pokemon Cards

Bulk Pokemon Cards: 3 Booster Packs - 30 Cards Total

Look no further for the best deals on assorted Pokemon cards.

Expand Your Pokedex

Every random booster has the chance to grow your collection and can even include rare cards, legendaries and foils. Booster packs are random and can contain cards from all different Pokemon generations and expansion sets.

Build Your Deck or Just Trade

Whether you or someone you love is a Pokémon trainer battling to be the best there ever was or if you simply enjoy collecting and trading cards, then this is the perfect addition on the road to becoming an elite Trainer

Bulk Pokemon Cards: 3 Booster Packs - 30 Cards Total

With thousands of cards to choose from, the game is never the same twice. New sets of cards, called “expansions,” are released throughout each year, so the game continues to evolve and expand for both players and collectors!


  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All! - Round out your collection and become the ultimate Pokemon Master with these3 Blister packs.
  • 100% Authentic - No need to worry about reseals, swiped cards or fakes. These boosters are all 100% authentic Pokemon Trading Card Game merchandise.
  • Best Value - Save money when you buy more. Each package has 30 cards (10 in each blister pack) from specialty selected expansions of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. What new cards will you pull?