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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter [PlayStation 2]

by Capcom



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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

The underground world of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter from Capcom for the Sony PS2 is full of menacing enemies, numerous challenges, and intense mysticism.

After ecological collapse, the human race went underground into Shelter where they've lived peacefully. Now a small party is ready to fight its way back to the surface and discover what lurks above!

It's an epic quest of magical proportions! You live in another time... Another place... Devoid of all light sources. You are now part of the underground world. Foil your menacing enemies to reach your ultimate mission.

Only you can discover the way out of the labyrinth-like dungeon that envelops you and your friends.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

You will embark on an epic quest of magical proportions. To survive this cel-shaded adventure, you must master a new combined real-time and turn-based battle system and find healing potions scattered throughout the levels.

Based on your playing style, these subterranean worlds evolve for a different gameplay experience each time through.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is a radical departure from the previous titles of the Breath of Fire series, and in some ways from standard Japanese-style role-playing games in general. The game is built like a huge dungeon crawler, with no overworld map. The combat is tactical: each character has action points (AP), which can be used to move around the screen during an enemy encounter, and perform a variety of combo attacks.

There is no magic in the game, and many of the items found in dungeons are random. All the enemies are visible on screen. Depending on who first initiated a physical contact, the party or the enemies get an extra turn in battles.

The game allows (and even encourages) the player to restart it from the beginning, keeping the items and the party experience. The game also features a special counter - Ryu can use his traditional dragon transformation abilities, but the counter raises with each such transformation, and when the counter reaches 100, the game is over. Raising the D-ratio allows characters to access new areas every time the game is replayed.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

As team leader Ryu, you'll lead a patrol through caverns and dungeons, and make your way through a maze of dangers!


  • Visually stunning cel-shaded subterannean world settings.
  • Exciting adventures as you lead the human race to salvation!
  • An entirely new combined real-time and turn based battle system.
  • 3D worlds evolve based on playing style for a different experience each game.
  • A brand new evolution of the incredible Breath of Fire series for the PlayStation 2.
  • Battle against monsters and strange adversaries as you fight your way to the blue sky.
  • Encounter countless challenges, mysticism and healing potions in this action-packed RPG adventure.