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Soul Calibur 5: Bobble Budds - Limited Edition [Memorabilia]




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Bring the epic battles of Soul Calibur 5 to life with Soul Calibur 5 Bobble Budds! These collectible figurines capture the essence of your favorite characters from the game in a fun and dynamic way, complete with their signature fighting poses and that classic bobblehead charm.  Display your love for the legendary Soul Calibur series with these iconic figurines that add a touch of gaming greatness to any space!

Step into the world of Soul Calibur 5 like never before with Soul Calibur 5 Bobble Budds, the perfect fusion of gaming nostalgia and collectible art. These charming figurines bring the fierce warriors of Soul Calibur 5 to life, capturing their essence in every detail, from their legendary weapons to their iconic fighting stances. Each Bobble Budd adds a touch of playful dynamism to your collection, making them ideal for display on your gaming shelf, desk, or anywhere you want to showcase your love for this legendary fighting game series. With their bobbling heads and superb craftsmanship, Soul Calibur 5 Bobble Budds are more than just collectibles; they're a celebration of gaming history. Choose your favorite characters, embark on epic battles, and let your collection come to life with Soul Calibur 5 Bobble Budds.

Unleash the Warriors, Shake Up the Legends: Soul Calibur 5 Bobble Budds - Where Gaming Meets Collectible Art!


  • Brand new limited edition promo item
  • Rare and hard to find
  • Ivy Bobble Budds