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30 Nights: Pineview Drive and Joe's Diner Bundle [PlayStation 4]




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30 Nights: Pineview Drive and Joe's Diner Bundle from UIG Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 is a spine-tingling terror of two classic horror games in one heart-pounding bundle! Uncover the chilling mystery of 'Pineview Drive' as you explore the secrets of an old, abandoned mansion, and then dare to dine at 'Joe's Diner,' built on the grounds of a haunted Indian cemetery.

Pineview Drive: An old abandoned mansion lies at the dead end of Pineview Drive. A troubled man is standing at its gates, looking over the property. 20 years ago he had visited this estate with his wife Linda. During their stay his beloved vanished without a trace – her mysterious disappearance unresolved.

Joe’s Diner: Somewhere along the venerable Route 7, in the middle of nowhere, you will find Joe’s Diner. The old Diner was built on the site of a former Indian cemetery. Amongst the buried, two rival chieftains are laid to rest while alive each could not stand the other.

Two Haunting Adventures, One Unforgettable Bundle: Uncover the Dark Secrets...


  • 30 in-game days
  • Premium sound scenery and effects
  • Atmospheric graphics with fantastic lighting
  • Breathtaking horror atmosphere