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Ankh: Gods of Egypt [Board Game, 2 -5 Players]



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Experience the Divine Contest in Ankh: Gods of Egypt as you step into the shoes of ancient Egyptian gods, vying to endure amidst societal shifts and striving to remain the sole deity worshipped by your followers.

Divine Competition:

Engage in a celestial struggle, pitting rival gods against each other to secure the adoration of the populace. Amass followers devoted to your cause and construct magnificent monuments that reflect your divine eminence.

Unique Action System:

Experience strategic gameplay through an exclusive action mechanism, allowing you to make calculated decisions by choosing two actions per turn. Showcase your godly prowess and navigate the realm of Egyptian mythology.

Mythical Beings:

Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Egyptian lore, encountering meticulously recreated gods and monsters. Delve into rich illustrations and detailed miniatures that bring ancient tales to life.

Monotheistic Shift:

Explore the pivotal era of Egypt's transition from polytheism to monotheism. Unfold this monumental shift through epic quests and encounters, illustrating the evolving religious landscape of the ancient world.

Supreme Dominance:

Forge your path to godly supremacy by gathering followers, enlisting mythical creatures, and reshaping the desert expanse. Establish an unassailable dominion that cements your divine authority.

Gameplay Overview:

Enter an epoch of divine rivalry, embodying the essence of Egypt's gods. Vie for the populace's adoration by erecting monuments, recruiting legendary entities, and sculpting the land. Only the most formidable deity shall ascend to singular worship, relegating others to be forgotten by time.

Claim Your Godly Supremacy:

Embrace your divine mantle, garner followers devoted to your cause, and erect monuments of unparalleled grandeur. Outmaneuver your religious rivals to ascend as ancient Egypt's sole, revered deity.

Unravel the enigmatic tapestry of Egyptian mythology and transcend as the ultimate god in Ankh: Gods of Egypt. Will you emerge victorious and etch your divinity in the annals of history?


  • Divine Rivalry: Battle rival gods for the adoration of the populace.
  • Strategic Action System: Employ a unique action mechanic to display godly prowess.
  • Immersive Mythology: Encounter faithfully represented gods and monsters from ancient lore.
  • Historical Transition: Witness Egypt's shift from polytheism to monotheism.
  • Supreme Dominion: Build followers, recruit creatures, and shape the land for godly supremacy.
  • Epic Divine Contest: Compete as ancient Egyptian gods, shaping monuments and recruiting followers to ascend to singular worship.