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Astria Ascending [PlayStation 4]

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Astria Ascending
Astria Ascending

Explore a vast world on the brink of chaos in the mature, emotional JRPG Astria Ascending from Maximum Games for the Sony PS4.

Explore the Vast and Beautiful World of Orcanon

Visit 5 cities with unique creatures and solve more than 20 dangerous dungeons; 50+ hours of gameplay, fun mini-games including shoot 'em ups, fantasy-themed card game and challenging environmental puzzles.

Astria Ascending

A Grand Tale of Fate and Sacrifice

Immerse yourself in a fascinating narrative rife with betrayal, sacrifice, and terrors; A story based around adult characters, Astria Ascending offers a more mature experience and extensive dialog.

A Rewarding Turn-Based Combat System

Fight over 200 different monsters in captivating turn-based combat; Collect and summon legendary beasts into the fight and build up your power to wield legendary Cosmo Breaks.

Unforgettable Cast of Characters

pick from 8 customizable characters with a range of fantastical races and skills, and assemble a team that sacrifices everything to save the world; with 20 classes to pick from, their fate is doomed, but the world is not.

A Hand-Drawn Adventure

A team featuring developers from Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, and Bravely Default, Astria Ascending includes full voice acting in Japanese and English, traditionally animated fully hand-drawn 2D world, and dynamic weather system.

Astria Ascending

Experience an epic story with rewarding turn-based combat and expansive customization rendered in glorious 4K hand drawn visuals!


  • A Tale of Fate and Sacrifice - Fight for the future while you reckon with the past; Sacrifice everything, relinquish nothing.
  • Unforgettable Characters - Take control of the demigods – a motley crew of eight heroes charged with the fate of the world.
  • Rewarding Combat - Work together to restore harmony waging strategic turn-based battles using the innovative focus point system.
  • Legendary Creators At Work - Discover a mature story written by Kazushige Nojima and an epic score composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.
  • Travel the World of Orcanon - Explore a multifaceted world, with a richly imagined and fully animated 2D landscape with five cities populated by unique creatures.