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Chernobylite [PlayStation 4]




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Chernobylite from The Farm 51 for the PlayStation 4 is a science-fiction survival horror RPG.

Compete with the hostile military presence, other stalkers and supernatural creatures, as well as the harsh and unforgiving environment in your search to uncover the truth.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love, and obsession. Can you survive your fears?


  • Base Building and Crafting - Construct a base from which to plan your daily operations and excursions. Utilise workstations to craft gadgets, create traps and weapons or modify existing equipment to your needs.
  • Resource and Team Management - Companions are key to your survival and the resolution of your journey. Each day requires the careful planning and assignment of resources and tasks to your comrades.
  • Stealth, Survival and Combat - Survival in the Zone is not easy, and each day brings fresh challenges as comrades die and supplies diminish. Avoid detection with stealth takedowns or engage in open armed. Danger lurks in every corner.
  • Non-Linear Storytelling and Strategy - No playthrough is the same. Like your choices, the story is in your hands. Choose wisely whether to trust your comrades or not, use resources for survival or research, and confront conflicts or evade them. The future is up to you.

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