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Dark Souls: The Board Game [Board Game, 1-4 Players]



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Dark Souls: The Board Game
Dark Souls: The Board Game

Prepare to die! Dark Souls: The Board Game from Steamforged Games is a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players set in the Dark Souls universe.

The game features a "fast set-up, long reveal" mechanism that gets you into the game quickly and builds the location as you explore. Players choose from a number of core character classes and explore dangerous locations full of monsters, treasures, and deadly boss fights. Designed specifically for the Dark Souls universe and introducing a number of innovative gameplay mechanics, with world-class miniatures faithful to the rich universe, this game delivers an experience that captures the very essence of the original video games.

With multiple difficulty modes and a high-level of replayability, this is a game designed to be deep enough to satisfy hard-core tabletop gamers whilst remaining accessible to newer players.

With no fixed scenario layouts, it’s as simple as choosing the direction to explore, placing a new tile down and flipping a card from the Encounter deck.

Dark Souls: The Board Game

Each time you decide where to go, you will experience a new danger as you explore, with each new location a real risk to your hard-won progress. If you die, then you drop everything you have collected and reappear at the nearest bonfire.

Dark Souls: The Board Game

So do you return to the bonfire to rest and spend Souls to strengthen up, but in doing so fully reset the locations? Or do you press on and pray that the next encounter isn’t beyond your capabilities? After all, the next location may contain a clue to the Boss and how to defeat them...


  • Dark Souls: The Board Game is a cooperative dungeon crawl board game for 1–4 players.
  • To win the game, players must work together tactically to learn how to defeat enemies before finally confronting the boss.
  • Equipment, armour, and weapons are discovered or earned during play, but with limited slots players must think carefully about what is best to keep and use.
  • Box contents include 27 highly detailed plastic miniatures, 9 double-sided character boards, 64 health & stamina cubes, 15 dice, 121 tokens, 252 cards, 8 tracker dials, Rulebook.
  • Players will find specific attack patterns and weaknesses of the enemies, but they will have to be careful. If a player's character dies, the game does not end, but starting over comes at a cost.