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Demon's Tier+ - Premium Edition #3 [Nintendo Switch]

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Demon's Tier+ - Premium Edition #3
Demon's Tier+ - Premium Edition #3

Demon's Tier+ from Diabolical Mind and Premium Edition for the Nintendo Switch is a dungeon-RPG roguelike with arcade and adventure elements. Enter the dungeons of king Thosgar & destroy the demonic beings present there!

Premium Edition includes Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game, Double-sided Insert, Full Color Manual, a Numbered Challenge Card where you can earn a limited Challenge Patch, a hand-drawn Full Color Glossy Slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat Fame and a Bonus Premium Item!

Enter the dungeons of King Thosgar and destroy his demonic minions! Combining the best elements from Xenon Valkyrie+ and Riddled Corpses EX, this is the latest game in the Diabolical Mind trilogy.

Demon's Tier+ - Premium Edition #3

Thosgar, a hated king attracted by demonic rituals, turned into a dark and diabolical being... destroying almost all of humanity and flooding the world with monsters. This story became a legend and peace returned to the land.

Demon's Tier+ - Premium Edition #3

Thousand years later, a mysterious pit appears in a village after a huge earthquake where an evil aura emanates from. Will you be the hero to save this world?


  • Epic storyline.
  • Twin-stick shooting.
  • Localized into 4 languages.
  • High quality chiptune music.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons.
  • 8 heroes with different stats and abilities.