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Dying Light: Anniversary Edition [Xbox One]



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Dying Light: Anniversary Edition
Dying Light: Anniversary Edition

Take hold of an entire zombie universe with the complete edition of Dying Light, Dying Light: Anniversary Edition from Warner Bros. Interactive for the Microsoft Xbox One.

Dying Light Anniversary Edition includes the following: Dying Light, Dying Light: The Following, Dying Light: Hellraid, Bozak Horde, Cuisine & Cargo, Be the Zombie, Prison Heist, Ultimate Survivor Bundle and the 5th Anniversary Bundle DLC

Survive in a city beset by a zombie virus! Discover the hard choices you will have to make on your secret mission. Will loyalty to your superiors prove stronger than the will to save the survivors? The choice is yours…

5 years since its release, this open world best-seller has won over 50 awards and expanded into an epic zombie saga. We bring you the enhanced edition of the base game with every expansion and game mode released so far, as well as a selection of the best DLC items. This edition includes the massive campaign, The Following, and the new game mode Hellraid. Enjoy all the maps, all the modes, the best weapons, enemies and outfits. The apocalypse is complete!

Dying Light: Anniversary Edition

Vast Open World

Roam the city with unprecedented freedom and bask in its unique atmosphere. Use parkour to scale every building and reach remote areas.

Creative Combat

Engage in gory combat and discover limitless options to confront your enemies. Use the environment paired with various weapon types and abilities to gain an advantage.

Day and Night Cycle

Experience the dramatic shift in the world, as you change from a hunter to hunted at sundown. Face the coming threat or run away without wasting your time to look behind.

4-Player Co-Op

Join forces with other players and raise your chances of survival in an exciting co-op mode. Tackle the story campaign together and take part in regularly scheduled community challenges.

Dying Light: Anniversary Edition

With constant new updates, in-game events and add-ons, often created in cooperation with our community, Dying Light: Anniversary Edition is your door to the ever-growing world of zombie survival!


  • Dying Light - The complete edition of the GOTY-winning zombie best-seller.
  • Dying Light: Cuisine & Cargo - Two additional quarantine zones with deadly enemies and great loot.
  • Dying Light: Bozak Horde - A set of deadly trials that will put your parkour and combat skills to test.
  • Dying Light: The Following - A new non-linear campaign with an enormous new map and a modifiable buggy to drive.
  • Dying Light: Be the Zombie An asymmetrical multiplayer mode where you invade other players' games as the Night Hunter.
  • Dying Light: Ultimate Survivor Bundle Additional powerful weapons and exclusive outfits for surviving in the zombie-infested streets.
  • Dying Light: Prison Heist Fight your way through a zombie-infested prison fortress and get out as fast as possible. Solo or with friends.
  • Dying Light: Hellraid - The latest dark-fantasy game mode, with new enemies and unlockable items, where you raid the depths of Hell.