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Game Builder Garage [Nintendo Switch]



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Game Builder Garage
Game Builder Garage

Have you ever dreamed of building your own video games? Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch is a great place to start! Anyone can learn the basics of game design and visual programming with step-by-step lessons.

Learn How to Make Games With Help From the Minds at Nintendo

Kids can learn how to make their own games with guided lessons created by Nintendo. From a simple game of tag to a run-and-jump obstacle course, each lesson is broken down into multiple, manageable segments that let kids go at their own pace - and have fun in the process.

Learn the Basics of Visual Programming

By playing through interactive lessons, kids will learn the basics of visual game programming. Nodon, colorful creatures with distinct personalities, keep kids engaged through lessons with tips and motivating messages. With a simple press of a button, swap between the programming screen and the game screen - watch how programming changes the game on the fly.

Power up With a New Skill

Learning something new is like gaining a real-life power-up! Game Builder Garage helps you understand the basics of visual programming in a fun, memorable way. With your new power-up, you just might look at the video games and apps you enjoy every day in a different way. Continue learning to power yourself up even further!

Track Progress and Build Confidence

After completing each lesson and building a game, kids will test their knowledge by completing Checkpoints - small puzzles or tasks to solve with programming. Master these skills and head to Free Programming mode to let your imagination (and programming chops) run wild.

Flex Your Creative Muscles

Ready to take the lead? Let your imagination - and curiosity - run wild in Free Programming, where the sky is the limit! Add Nodon to your programming screen and decide how they interact to bring your game to life. You can even choose the music or an exciting theme. Even if you’re not quite sure what to make, playing around with Nodon might just give you a great idea or two.

Exchange Codes and Download Games From Friends

Exchange codes with friends who have Game Builder Garage to download their games and share your own! Check out the programming behind those downloaded games for inspiration. You can even share games with friends nearby over local wireless to work together on your masterpiece.

Game Builder Garage

Create Your Own Multiplayer Game

Want to create some competition? Add in a multiplayer function and pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend. It’s up to you (and your Nodon friends) to decide what type of game you want to make.

Game Builder Garage

Learn how to make games (and have fun doing it) with interactive lessons! Nintendo presents a fun introduction to programming and game design with the Game Builder Garage software!


  • Track progress and build confidence.
  • Learn the basics of visual game programming.
  • Programming made fun with help from the minds at Nintendo.
  • Turn gaming time into learning time with the game Builder garage software.
  • Each lesson is broken down into multiple parts that let you go at your own pace.
  • By playing through interactive lessons, kids will learn the basics of visual game programming.