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Golden Force [Nintendo Switch]



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Golden Force
Golden Force

Golden Force from VGNYsoft and Storybird for the Nintendo Switch is a retro-style action-platformer where you perform complex combos, slides, and dash attacks. Unlock new areas, collect throwable items, fight underwater, avoid spiky obstacles, and master each stage!

Golden Force

The King of Demons set his sights on Muscle Island, a paradisaical and peaceful place where it’s good to live. This evil person settled his army and persecutes the population with the help of his generals.

Wasting their last coins in the taverns of the island, mercenaries from the dreadful Golden Force enjoy their last moments of vacation when they receive a new contract: beat down this new evil ruler and recover the mountain of gold in his possession.

Golden Force

When there is gold and a promise of great battles, you can count on the Golden Force to save your skin!


  • Just the Right Vibe - Enjoy colorful retro-style pixel art graphics.
  • 4 Playable Characters - Control one of the four mercenaries of the Golden Force.
  • 2-Players Co-Op Mode - Willing to share your adventure with someone? Invite a friend!
  • Lots of Various Enemies - Defeat the Demon King, his 5 Generals and his army of Monsters.
  • Completionist - Overcome 100% of challenges. Tons of secrets and challenges for hardcore gamers.
  • Enough Content to Keep You Engaged for Hours - Complete all 22 Stages across the four islands of Muscle Archipelago.
  • VGNYsoft Release - Limited to 20,000 pcs. Includes an exclusive Golden Force flier and an exclusive Golden Force sticker.
  • Unique Platforming, Hacking, and Slashing - Perform complex combos, slides, crushes and dash attacks. Avoid spiky obstacles, swim and attack underwater.