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Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil - 30mL / 1 Fl Oz [Essential Oil]



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Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil - 30mL / 1 Fl Oz
Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil - 30mL / 1 Fl Oz

Sink into familiarity with everyone’s favorite go-to essential oil! The sweet and familiar scent of Lavender is just one of the many beautiful components of this steam-distilled Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Maple Holistics wants to help you harness the power of Lavender essential oil for skin and hair with a pure oil that’s packed with nothing but one ingredient: Lavender. Allow this popular oil to transform your aromatherapy experience and beauty routine.

Harness the benefits of Lavender essential oil to cleanse your skin, hydrate your scalp and transform your space with one do-it-all, floral oil. Lavender is known for its ability to leave your skin looking beautiful by gently cleansing and hydrating thanks to its innate clarifying properties. This pure Lavender essential oil is also ideal for a DIY hair product to leave your scalp clean and your strands moisturized without any of the nasties.

Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil - 30mL / 1 Fl Oz

What’s more is that Lavender essential oil lies at the forefront of your aromatherapy journey. Maple Holistics knows that the aromatherapeutic benefits of Lavender essential oil are no secret, which is why Maple Holistics want to help you tap into their power. At Maple Holistics, we pride ourselves on providing you with nothing but the purest alternatives so you can maximize your aromatherapy experience the natural way. Embrace self care and upgrade your holistic beauty routine with this 100% pure Lavender essential oil.

At Maple Holistics we believe that essential oils are the foundation of holistic well-being, and this Lavender essential oil is undoubtedly a central component of this belief. With a plethora of essential oils available, treat yourself to the best lavender essential oil for your beauty DIY and aromatherapy needs. Don’t let fillers and additives slip past you.

Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil - 30mL / 1 Fl Oz

You’ll find nothing but Lavender in this pure essential oil delivered straight from the hands of Mama Nature herself. If you’re looking to embrace a holistic lifestyle, Lavender essential oil is a necessary addition to provide you with a wide range of beauty and wellness benefits for the whole family!


  • Lavender essential oil for hair, skin and more contains nothing but 100% pure Lavender essential oil in a bottle!
  • Use our Lavender oil for Lavender scent benefits by placing a couple of drops in your diffuser. Sit back and let the oil do the rest.
  • Create your very own beauty DIYs for hair and skin or Lavender essential oil blends for aromatherapy with a pure oil straight from the loving hands of Mother Nature.
  • Improve the look of your skin and hair for a clear complexion and luscious tresses with the help of this pure Lavender essential oil. Show up for your skin and hair by stepping away from chemical-based methods and allowing Mama Nature to do what she does best.