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Mighty Fight Federation - Premium Edition Games #6 [Nintendo Switch]



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Mighty Fight Federation - Premium Edition #6
Mighty Fight Federation - Premium Edition #6

Mighty Fight Federation from Premium Edition Games for the Nintendo Switch is a throwback to classic 3D arena fighters, but with a focus on fighting game fundamentals.

Premium Edition includes Nintendo Switch physical case and game, double-sided insert, full color manual, a numbered Challenge Card where you can earn a limited Challenge Patch and a full color glossy slipcase!

Select from a roster of characters each with distinct and deep combo opportunities. Use the game's Hype mechanics to zone, evade, counter and play mind-games with your opponents. Mighty Fight combines the old with the new in a fresh competitive twist on the party-fighter genre.

Slam opponents into walls, launch them into the air & follow up with fast, high-flying attacks in this brand new arena fighter. Choose from 13 different characters with unique play styles.

Mighty Fight Federation - Premium Edition #6
Mighty Fight Federation - Premium Edition #6

Face off in head-to-head matches, team up with other fighters or embrace the chaos of 4-player free-for-all!


  • Multiplayer Mayhem - Battle with up to 4 players locally and online.
  • 16 Playable Characters - A roster of fighters with new original and cross-over characters!
  • Play By Yourself - Experience "what if" endings in Arcade Mode, and get good with in-game tutorials and Training Mode.
  • Fight or Flight - Build energy to spend on combo Breakers or spend it all on a Hype Factor activation that can turn the tide of battle. The right choice can make all the difference.
  • The Hypest Soundtrack - A killer soundtrack featuring music by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania), James Landino (RWBY, No Straight Roads), Vince DiCola (Rocky IV, Transformers) and Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel Knight).
  • Choose your Character - Pick from a roster of 13 outlandish characters with unique play-styles. Place traps, throw explosive projectiles and charge in with rush-down combos. Find the style that fits the way you play.