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Mutant Football League - Dynasty Edition [PlayStation 4]

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Mutant Football League - Dynasty Edition
Mutant Football League - Dynasty Edition

Mutants and monsters unleash maniacal carnage on the gridiron in Mutant Football League - Dynasty Edition from Nighthawk Interactive for the Sony PS4, an action packed, arcade-style football game.

The Dynasty Edition includes all DLC and brings several new features to the core game including a new single player experience that allows players to become the coach and gm of their favorite Mutant Football League franchise.

Mutant Football League delivers intense online action, deep strategy, and deadly humor.

Fantastical arenas full of ruthless fans and deadly traps set the stage for mayhem in every contest that allows players to win by highest score or by killing and eradicating their opponents!

It includes multiple season gameplay, player trades, cumulative player XP, salary management, custom playbooks and free agent signings. Players will have the chance to turn mushy unproven, low-rated rookies into monstrous all-stars by winning multiple Mayhem Bowls over several seasons, creating their own Dynasty.

Mutant Football League - Dynasty Edition

Rampaging Werewolves and Hell-spawn Demons join the fray in Dynasty Edition which also introduces six brand new teams, several new Dirty Tricks and of course more fantastical arenas full of ruthless fans and deadly traps. As always, players can win by highest score or by decimating your opponents.

Mutant Football League - Dynasty Edition

Whenever a game begins you'll quickly discover the only predictable element is broken bones and fun!


  • Dirty Tricks - Bribe the ref, throw bombs, or equip shotguns and chainsaws to your players to inflict maximum carnage against the unsuspecting competition!
  • Tons of Teams to Choose From - Select from 24 teams including the Nuked London Hat Riots, the Killadephia Evil and the New Orleans Zombies.
  • Crush in Co-op - Two player online or four player local multiplayer gives you the choice to clobber one another or team up and crush opposing miscreants.
  • Play Your Way - Multiple punishing play modes like exhibition, practice, playoffs, or try to survive a Full Season!
  • Dynasty Mode - Become the coach and gm of your favorite mall team and guide them to multiple championships becoming the league's next dynasty.
  • Killer Stadiums - Playing fields are strewn with land mines, toxic moats, fire pits, thin ice, buzz saws, lava flows, and more as fun, but deadly obstacles.
  • MFL All-Stars - The stars of the league are wisecracking lunks such as Wham Neutron, Ohell Wreckem Jr, Slay Wrathspew, Throb Bronkowski, and The Sherminator.