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Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection [PlayStation 2]

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Namco Museum 50th Anniversary
Namco Museum 50th Anniversary

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Collection for the Sony PS2 compiles some of the classic Namco arcade games that defined gaming in the 1980s. Go back in time and play classics like Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, and Pole Position.

Pole Position

The milestone in racing games.

Pole Position II

Sequel to the original, with 4 real racetracks - Fuji, Test, Suzuka, and Seaside.

Rolling Thunder

Become secret agent Albatross and rescue Lelia Blitz from the evil Geldra.


Survive against an army of space stations, while avoiding asteroids and other obstacles.

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary

Rally X

Players drive around a maze while avoiding chasing cars, laying smoke screens, and collecting flags.

Dragon Spirit

Control a powerful dragon through the air, harness spells, drop bombs and breath fire at enemies.

Sky Kid

Control a bi-plane and avoid enemy planes using evasive loops, while dropping bombs & shooting down other planes.


Use a heavily armed fighter plane to destroy enemies and targets, in the air and on the ground.


Control Mappy the police mouse, as he dodges chasing cats to collect valuable items.


The most popular arcade game of all time.

Ms. Pac-Man

Explore, collect, and chomp your way through different mazes as Pac-Man's female counterpart.


Fend off frantic swarms of bee-like aliens, while avoiding enemies' powerful tractor beams.

Dig Dug

Tunnel your way underground and use your pump to blow up attacking enemies.


Destroy flying aliens as they move in from formation to attack you.

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary

The new retro menu Interface allows players to explore a virtual arcade hall where each of the game's classics will be standing in its original arcade form. The only difference is, this time you don't need a pocket full of quarters!


  • Classic arcade-style gameplay right on your PS2!
  • Lots of different titles to choose from; relive the glory days of arcade gaming with Pac-Man or get your swerve on with Dig-Dug!
  • Includes 14 full games for hours and hours of endless fun!