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New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy [Board Game, 2-5 Players]

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New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy
New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy

New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy from Rio Grande Games is a board games that is set in the Race for the Galaxy universe. Fans of Race for the Galaxy and Puerto Rico will enjoy this games since it shares elements of both games.

In New Frontiers, a standalone game in the Race for the Galaxy family, players build galactic empires by selecting, in turn, an action that everyone may do, with only the selecting player gaining that action's bonus.

The developments to be used are determined during setup, allowing players to make strategic plans based on them before play begins. One group of eight developments is always in play. The game includes a suggested set of sixteen additional developments for your first game; in later games, players randomly select which side of eight double-sided "small" developments and eight double-sided "large" 9-cost developments to use during setup.

Many worlds that players can acquire have special powers, with these worlds being drawn from a bag during the Explore phase. Unlike in Race, in New Frontiers worlds need colonists to be settled, in addition to either payments or conquest.

Some worlds are "windfall" worlds and receive a good upon being settled. Others are production worlds and receive goods when the Produce action is selected. Goods can be traded for credits or consumed for victory points.

New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy

Play continues until one or more of four game ending conditions is reached. After all actions for that round have been done, the player with the most victory points from settled worlds, developments, 9-cost development bonuses, and VP chips earned from consuming goods wins.

New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy

Can you build the most powerful and prosperous space empire?


  • For ages 14 year.
  • For 2 to 5 players.
  • 45-90 minute play time.
  • Each game can have different objectives, so no two games are the same.
  • New Frontiers is an exciting addition to the award-winning racing family for galaxy games.