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Nippon Marathon [PlayStation 4]

by PQube



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Nippon Marathon
Nippon Marathon

Begin, Brave, Run… Go! Grab your running shoes and your cyclist repellent as Nippon Marathon from PQube Games and Onion Soup for the Sony PS4 is here!

Enter the only marathon worth entering - a raucous ragdoll party multiplayer game where just about anything can happen.

Jump over barrels, swerve sweeping monks, avoid steamy monkeys not to mention those naughty Shiba Inu! Don’t forget to pick up fruit along the way to hurl at your friends.

Drop In/Out

Are you that friend that's always late to the party? Well you don't have to stare at the wall while everyone else has fun, simply pick up a controller and drop in, it's so easy. Or maybe it's your party and you want to brush up on your running skills before your friends arrive?

No problem! Solo play is supported. So grab a controller and get practicing. It’s ok, we won’t tell them... Or will we?

Party Games

Ever had the urge to grab a shopping trolley and go bowling? Or how about testing your skills in a completely random, turn based obstacle course? You too? Be King Pin at “Go-Go-Trolley Bowling” or avoid being labelled the “L.O.B.S.T.E.R.” of your group. Party games support 2-8 players, incredible!

Nippon Marathon

No passport Required

Travel across the Land of the rising sun as you overcome the odds and try to win the Nippon Marathon.  Fishing villages, traditional temples, busy cities, snowy mountains and even a bullet train await your journey from total newb to Nippon Marathon champion!

Visual Novel Story

Experience a Story Mode like never before. Handsome Hazuki has won the Nippon Marathon for as long as anyone cares to remember. Now it’s your turn to enter, can you beat this moustachioed menace? Play through four unique stories whilst unravelling the twists and turns of the Nippon Marathon. Who’s story will you choose first?

Nippon Marathon

Choose from a cast of crazy characters including lobster-man J DARWIN, sea-life fanatic Elizabeth Nishibori, Zenbei the 'Old Uncle Sailor' and the furry faced Snuguru Maestro. Plus, unlock loads more!


  • Four-player madness! - You can't spell Nippon Marathon without 'P', 'a', 'R', 'T' And *checks letters* 'I', we suppose... Solo play is supported, but grab up to four pads and enjoy the supreme Silliness of gaming's greatest marathon.
  • See all of Japan! - Cross the entirety of the land of Nippon in a series of creative courses spanning busy city streets, village lanes, bustling markets & more!
  • Wacky characters! - Go toe-to-toe with some of the coolest contestants who ever did, player... Contest! Lobster-man J Darwin, onesie-obsessive Elizabeth Nishibori, school uniform fan Zenbei "xen bae"... And the completely normal Snuguru Maestro.
  • Epic pratfalls! - Swinging poles! Giant face-slapping fish! Cyclists! Shiba Inu! Panes of glass! Traffic! False doors! Barrels! Rolling Beams! Wobbly planks! Flying fruit! More Shiba Inu! Earthquakes!!!!!
  • Tons of surprises! - You never know what will happen next in Nippon marathon. Perhaps you'll find time for an impromptu spot of slot machine fun? Maybe a news anchor will Jet Pack in to Interview you on the racetrack? Heck, anything is possible...
  • Drop-in/drop-out play! - Random pedestrian passing by your couch and wants to play? Not a problem. Whatever the cause, Hop in and out for the ultimate, flexible party get-together!