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Skull and Bones [PlayStation 5]

by Ubisoft




December 1, 2023



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Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones

Enter the perilous paradise of Skull and Bones from Ubisoft for the Sony PS5, inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy, as you overcome the odds and rise from an outcast to an infamous pirate.

Pre-order Skull and Bones and receive the Highness of the High Sea Pack, which includes the Notoriety Garb and Coronation Firework!

Outcast to Infamous Pirate Captain

At the end of the 17th century, tales of a legendary heist attracted young outcasts from all over the world. In search of untold fortunes, ordinary men and women headed far from home. Armed with only their instincts to survive, they risked it all for a chance to attain immeasurable riches.

  • Grow Your Infamy - As you complete a variety of contracts from vendors, local factions, and kingpins in the world, you’ll gain access to more resources and opportunities on your journey to becoming an infamous pirate.
  • Brutal Navy Combat - Engage in thrilling naval battles as you risk it all for the biggest prize. Equip a multitude of powerful weapons and armors to outgun other ships, attack settlements, and rain terror on enemy forts.
  • Your Ship, Your Playstyle - Craft & sail a variety of ships, each with their own unique perks and look. Adapt them to serve your purpose and become a force of destruction out at sea. Strike fear in your enemies through the wide range of ship and captain customization options available.
Skull and Bones

Hell in Paradise

The world of Skull and Bones is a treasure trove to explore as you sail to the furthest reaches of the Indian Ocean. From the coasts of Africa to the East Indies discover distinct regions each with their own unique ecosystems.

Learn to use the wind to your advantage by trimming your sails to increase your speed as you try to survive treacherous waters, dangerous rogue waves, and deadly wildlife.

Sail With or Against Friends

Experience the dark and dangerous seas, the thrill of taking on threats with cannons and other weapons is one that truly needs to be felt. You can sail alone or with friends and choose to make allies or foes out of them.

Sail the Indian Ocean solo or in groups of up to three. Rule the seas with your friends and or with other pirates you encounter.

Skull and Bones

Immerse yourself in the perilous paradise of Skull and Bones as you live and breathe the ultimate pirate fantasy, either alone or with others. Choose how you want to play, either PvE only or PvEvP!


  • Grow your infamy to gain access to more resources and opportunities as you take on riskier contracts to gain the most loot.
  • Craft up to 12 ships and customize them with a variety of weapons and armor to maximize your chances for success.
  • Be wary in this untamed open world inspired by the Indian Ocean. There are predators lurking around every corner.
  • Choose how you want to take on the seas. Sail solo or team up with two friends to watch your back in either PvE or PvEvP.

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