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The Red Lantern - Limited Run #132 [Nintendo Switch]

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The Red Lantern - Limited Run #132
The Red Lantern - Limited Run #132

The Red Lantern from Timberline Studio and Limited Run Games for the Nintendo Switch is a narrative, survival game where you and your team of 5 sled dogs, lost in the wilderness, must navigate the ever-changing events of the Alaskan bush to find your way home.

The Red Lantern - Limited Run #132

Choose how you want to interact with the world, do you tackle it head on hunting everything that moves, or do you take a more cautious approach?

The Red Lantern - Limited Run #132

Discover the hundreds of unique events as you and your dogs explore the wilderness as you find your new home!


  • A dynamic world that changes as you play.
  • Nearly 100 different encounters each with varied results.
  • Gain items and upgrades as you discover things about the world around you.
  • 8 different pups to add to your team, each with their own personalities.