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Trial by Trolley [Board Game, 3 -13 Players]



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Introducing Trial by Trolley, the cutting-edge party game developed by Cyanide & Happiness—the minds revolutionizing the internet!

Engage in thought-provoking scenarios as the operator of an out-of-control trolley, faced with gut-wrenching decisions. Imagine this: one side features a kiddy pool filled with innocent babies, while the other presents the scientist destined to cure cancer. You're compelled to make unspeakable choices using 500 top-tier cards, forcing your friends to act on moral dilemmas that linger in your conscience for days!

In the UK, 'trolley' translates to 'grocery cart,' adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Trial by Trolley unfolds with one player as the Trolley Operator, steering this chaos while others strategize and debate fervently to influence the operator's decisions. Teams form, roles are assigned, and the gameplay unravels in a whirlwind of tactics and moral upheavals.

Key Gameplay Elements:

  • Drawing angelic and demonic tracks, maneuvering to sway the judge's decision.
  • Utilizing track modifiers to influence the final judgment in favour of chosen paths or to sabotage opponents.

Each round culminates in the judge's decision to spare or condemn a track, determining the victor!

With a capacity for 3-13 players and 30-90 minutes, Trial by Trolley offers an enthralling experience of moral dilemmas and trolley mayhem—a perfect addition to your following-party game collection! 

Embark on this journey through ethically challenging landscapes in the hilariously grim Trial by Trolley!


  • Cyanide & Happiness creation: A party game designed to challenge moral reasoning.
  • Dilemma-based gameplay: Unimaginable decisions—like choosing between a kiddy pool of babies and a future cancer-curing scientist.
  • Engaging gameplay mechanics: Players compete to sway the trolley operator's decision and survive.
  • Accommodates 3-13 players: A 30-90-minute experience of moral quandaries and strategic gameplay.