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Trial by Trolley - Derailed Edition [Board Game, 3 -13 Players]



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Introducing Trial By Trolley - Derailed Edition, the ultimate party game crafted by Cyanide & Happiness, creators infamous for pushing boundaries. Step into the shoes of a runaway trolley operator faced with unspeakable decisions - do you plow through a kiddy pool full of babies or sacrifice the scientist destined to cure cancer?

In Trial by Trolley, one player takes on the role of the Trolley Operator, deciding the fates of those on the tracks. Players, divided into teams, vie for their survival while aiming to sway the operator's decision in their favor.

How the game unfolds:

  • A player becomes the Trolley Conductor (judge) and selects the track for the trolley's mayhem.
  • Others adopt roles, strategizing to save themselves and doom others to the trolley's wrath.

Navigate the gameplay by drawing and playing angelic and demonic tracks, all while using track modifiers to influence the judge's final decision.

Trial by Trolley accommodates 3-13 players and lasts approximately 30-90 minutes, offering a riveting journey through moral dilemmas and strategic gameplay.

Choose your tracks wisely and immerse yourself in this enthralling journey through twisted ethical landscapes!


  • 500 high-quality cards challenging your moral compass
  • 25 Bonus Derailed Cards
  • 10 Bonus Kickstarter Thank-You cards
  • 20 Trolley-Themed Joking Hazard cards exclusive to this edition
  • A 45mm Trolley Miniature
  • Double-sided Playing board with two distinct, engaging sides
  • 28mm Trolley Tom & Tram Sam Miniatures
  • A 100-card Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion