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ZOOB Racerz Car Designer Kit - 88 Pieces [Toys, Ages 6+]

by Zoob

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ZOOB Racerz Car Designer Kit - 88 Pieces
ZOOB Racerz Car Designer Kit - 88 Pieces

ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer lets you build three cars at the same time to race against each other, or build a 12 wheeler flatbed!

The set includes 76 ZOOB pieces, 12 wheels that work like gears and 3 instruction guides to build a Supersonic Stinger, a Gear Getter and more.

ZOOB is not like any other building set - the pieces include gears, axles and joints that snap, click, and pop together! With rotating, spinning and extendable parts you can actually design a toy to play with, instead of just building something to look at.

ZOOB Pieces

ZOOB sets have 5 different styles of pieces that snap together in 20 ways to make connections that rotate, limbs that extend, axels that spin and much more. The pieces move after they're built together, so your child can create toys to play with instead of just looking at them. ZOOB's shape is inspired by nucleotides, the basic structure that makes up DNA. ZOOB captures the dynamic movement based on the way things move in nature instead of using traditional stacking connections.

Encourages Kids to Use Their Imagination

The best part about playing with ZOOB is exploring, discovering and using imagination to create any design that comes to mind. This gives ZOOB built-in educational value because children must use the most important tool of all for creation: their imaginations. The included instruction guides also teach children how to build different creations for those who prefer to go by the book.

More Pieces - Make Bigger Projects

All ZOOB kits are compatible with each other, so with each new set your overall collection grows. With enough pieces, you can create anything.


ZOOB is an award-winning building set with a difference—the pieces move after you put them together, so you can play with your creations, instead of just looking at them.

ZOOB Racerz Car Designer Kit - 88 Pieces

Although we provide instructions and suggestions for models to build, the best part of playing with ZOOB is exploring, inventing, and discovering how you can build and deciding what you want to create. ZOOB is a member of the ALEX Brands family of products.

ZOOB Racerz Car Designer Kit - 88 Pieces

Create monsters—or vehicles—or monsters that turn into vehicles! ZOOBMobile puts wheels on your creations to make your ZOOB go ZOOM!


  • Build 3 ZOOBMobile cars at once.
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.
  • High quality rubber tires are notched to work like gears.
  • Kids can follow guides or use their imaginations to create their own vehicles.
  • Includes 76 ZOOB pieces in special colors designed for building vehicles, 12 wheels with rubber tires and 3 instruction guides.