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4D Cityscapes 4D Puzzle of Gotham City [Puzzle, 839 Piece]



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4D Cityscapes introduces the official 4D puzzle for Batman's Gotham City, from Wayne Manor to the Arkham Asylum.

Journey through Gotham City and rebuild the city, locations and structures!

With it's detailed history, distinctive architecture and landmark structures, Gotham City is almost as iconic and integral a character to Batman as the caped crusader himself. Gothic spires, sinister back alleys, and foreboding stone gargoyles contribute to the dark, gritty atmosphere for which Gotham City is known, and create a labyrinth of opportunities for the many villains, mobsters, and criminals who lurk the city streets.

Each of the city's neighborhoods has a unique feel and tone, ranging from the underdeveloped and seedy crime alley to the more refined residences of the Diamond District. As you construct this urban cityscape, you will visit the chemical plant responsible for the Joker's frightful appearance, battle the architect at Beacon Tower, apprehend crazed villains at Arkham Asylum and come to know the hidden nooks and passageways that make up the city that Batman calls home.


  • Brochure and Prints - Poster guide to Gotham City, mini map guide, double-sided stickers
  • Maps - Gotham City maps, topography jigsaw map, Gotham City locations
  • Collectible Structures - Archie Goodwin Int. Airport, Mooney Bridge, Wayne Manor, Robert Kane Memorial Bridge, Knights Dome Sporting Complex, Gotham City Train Station, Amusement Mile, Giordano Botanical Garden, Gotham City Zoo, Monarch theater, Gotham City Light & Power, D'Angelo Sewage Plant, Arkham Asylum, 22nd Street Bridge, Cape Carmine, Gotham City University, R.H. Kane Building, ACE Chemical Plant, Gotham City Mercy Hospital, Iceberg Casino & Lounge, Beacon Tower, Gotham City Superior Courthouse, City Hall, Vincefinkel Bridge, Wayne Industries, Wayne Tower, Clock Tower, G.C.P.D. Headquarters, Cathedral Square, Black gate Isle/Prison, One Gotham City Center
  • Gotham City Poster Guide included
  • 839 pieces, 71cm x 48cm x 6cm, Ages 12+