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4D Cityscapes 4D Puzzle of Metropolis [Puzzle, 833 Piece]



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4D Cityscapes introduces the official 4D puzzle for Superman's Metropolis, complete with an included poster guide and structures.

Journey through Metropolis and rebuild the city, locations and structures!

Since it's founding in 1634, when Dutchman Paul De Vries purchased metropolis Island from native Americans, generations of prosperous merchants and pioneering scientists have made Metropolis into one of the largest and wealthiest cities on Earth. A prolonged period of prosperity in the early 20th century imbued Metropolis's architecture and monuments with a decidedly Art Deco character, but each of the six boroughs has it's own distinct personality.

New Troy, the largest and busiest borough occupying an island between the West River and Hob's River, is itself made up of vastly disparate neighborhoods. While the downtown Financial District is home to the city's storied publishing industry and its most powerful corporations, the neighborhood of Suicide Slum in northwestern New Troy is terribly impoverished and crime-ridden. It is this frenetic and diverse nature of the city which ahs allowed Metropolis to become the "City of Tomorrow".


  • Brochure and Prints - Poster guide to Metropolis, mini map guide, double-sided stickers
  • Maps - Metropolis maps, topography jigsaw map, Metropolis locations
  • Collectible Structures - Shuster Hall, Metropolis Museum of Art, Hypersector, Ace O Clubs, Hotel Metropolis, Daily Planet, Lena Luthor Science Exploratorium, LexCorp Towers, Cadmus Labs, S.T.A.R. Labs, Metropolis Special Crime Unit, City Hall, Suicide Slums, Superman Statue, 1938 Sullivan Lane, Superman Museum, Steelworks, Jules Vern Extra-Terrestrial Museum, GBS Building, Centennial Hotel, University of Metropolis, Metropolis City Hospital, Stryker's Island Penitentiary and Union Station
  • Metropolis Poster Guide included
  • 833 pieces, 76cm x 41cm x 6cm, Ages 12+