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4D Cityscapes Game of Thrones 4D Puzzle of Westeros & Essos [Puzzle, 891 Piece]

by HBO



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Journey through Westeros and Essos and rebuild the cities, locations and structures from the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones with this 4D Cityscapes Puzzle!

The known world in Game of Thrones consists primarily of two dominant continents divided by the Narrow Sea: Westeros and Essos. The vast majority of Westeros is unified under the Seven Kingdoms, while the territory to the North of the Wall is inhabited by dueling clans of wildlings. Kings Landing, the largest city and capital of the Seven Kingdoms, is home to the Iron Throne, from which the King reigns over the eight Great Houses of Westeros.

Across the Narrow Sea lies Essos, a diverse land much larger than Westeros but far less densely populated. Essos is composed of independent city-states, nomadic clans, slave cities, and the abandoned ruins of an earlier empire. During your quest to cosntruct these continents of the known world, you will roam the hills of the Westerlands with House Lannister, visit Daenerys's dragons in Meereen, sail amongst the Stepstones, and gain a new understanding of the peoples and places that make up these epic lands.


  • Brochure and Prints - Poster guide to Westeros and Essos, mini map guide, double-sided stickers
  • Maps - Westeros & Essos maps, topography jigsaw map, cities, locations and structures
  • Collectible Structures - The Wall, Castle Black, The Twins, Pyke, Eyrie, Riverrun, Harrenhal, Casterly Rock, Dragonstone, King's Landing, Sotrm's End, Highgarden, Sunspear, Dreadfort, Moat Cailin, Dorne, Astapor, Braavos, Meereen, Pentos, Qarth, Vaes Dothrak, Valyria, Volantis, Yunkai, Iron Throne
  • Game of Thrones Poster Guide included
  • 891 pieces, 71cm x 48cm x 4cm, Ages 12+