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Art of Fighting Anthology - Limited Run #375 [PlayStation 4]



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Art of Fighting Anthology - Limited Run #375
Art of Fighting Anthology - Limited Run #375

Art Of Fighting Anthology from SNK Playmore and Limited Run Games for the Sony PS4 brings together all 3 of the popular Art Of Fighting games, for epic one-on-one fighting action. The included titles are Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 and Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior.

Face off against the world's best martial artists in best two out of three matches. Use punches, kick and Super Attacks to take out colorful and dangerous opponents. While doing this, you'll also open up the story of crooked cops and bloodthristy killers that sets the stage for the later "Fatal Fury" games.

ART OF FIGHTING 1 and ART OF FIGHTING 2 primarily focus on the Sakazaki family and their escapades in South Town, with the goal of rescuing Yuri Sakazaki or taking down the corrupt police commissioner Geese Howard, respectively. ART OF FIGHTING 3 goes in a different direction, with the plot focusing on family friend of the Sakazaki's, Robert Garcia, as he travels to Mexico to search for a childhood friend.

Art of Fighting

South Town is no place for the weak. Yet into this urban battlezone comes Ryo; braving the mean streets in order to rescue his kidnapped sister.

With this friend Robert, the two must use all their strength and skills to battle and defeat the toughest fighters ever assembled. These fighters are big, powerful, strong - each possess special skills that will be hard to counter.

Ryo must master the Super Attacks if he is to be victorious. Fight hard, fast and furious.

This fighting game began the story of the Sakazaki family and Robert Garcia. Yuri Sakazaki has been abducted by Mr. Big to punish her father, Takuma, and her brother, Ryo. To rescue her, Ryo and Robert must take on numerous enemies around South Town, eventually reaching the mysterious Mr. Karate.

The passion of the game’s creators is evident in the unique game play elements introduced. These include an energy gauge that is depleted every time a fighter uses a special maneuver, Desperation Attacks that are usable only when a fighter’s health is low, and camera zooming that adjusts on the fly as fighters move around the stage.

All these features ensure that players use strategy and tactics, rather than simply mash buttons. Adding to the mix are little touches such as characters showing cuts when they are injured and voice-over samples during cut scenes.

Only the strongest of fighters will survive the streets of South Town! Can you perfect the art of fighting and save Yuri?

Art of Fighting 2

The second installment in the AoF series added the "Rage Gauge"; similar to the "Spirit System" of its predecessor, it limited the use and effectiveness of special attacks.

The game's story is set a year after the original. Geese Howard, a rising star in South Town's criminal underworld, calls fighters to the city for a new tournament, "The King of Fighters." Howard was the final boss and series villain of SNK's other fighting game franchise Fatal Fury, whose story took place over a decade after the events of Art of Fighting.

Art of Fighting 2 was the only time Yuri Sakazaki was a playable character in the series. It also marked the only time that she donned her trademark outfit, which was made famous in The King of Fighters series. This game also marks the debut of Takuma Sakazaki without his Mr. Karate persona, as well as Eiji Kisaragi, who both appear in the King of Fighters series.

Ryuhaku Todo, the first boss in the original AOF, is the only character dropped; all characters are playable from the beginning. The final boss is always Mr. Big, though as mentioned earlier, an extra match will be played against Geese Howard if the player unlocks him through good performance.

This game is also notorious for its difficulty, with it being referred in many fighting circles as having some of the toughest opponent AI in a fighting game!

Art of Fighting Anthology - Limited Run #375

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior is a fighting game set in Grasshill Valley, where drama and battles unfold among various fighters. Aside from the protagonists Ryo and Robert, this installment has all-new characters. Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior features powerful airborne combos, more efficient parrying maneuvers, the ability to inflict damage to downed opponents, and the Ultimate K.O., which allows characters to win a match in just one round.

Furthermore, the graphics are based off of motion capture technology rendering them smoother than ever before, making it one of the most innovative 2D fighting games at the time.

In this third and final entry in the Art of Fighting series, the story shifts from Ryo Sakazaki to his best friend and rival, Robert Garcia, as he ventures into Mexico to try and locate Freia Lawrence, a childhood friend, who asked for his help. However, he leaves without the consent of The Garcia Foundation, which sends an agent named Karman Cole to get him back. But not everything is as simple as it looks... because Robert is not the only one looking for Freia.

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of The Warrior features ten playable characters with different fighting styles, a completely new fighting system based on joystick and button combinations, and incredibly detailed graphics and animation!

Art of Fighting Anthology - Limited Run #375

These three titles helped define the fighting game genre and many mechanics introduced in this series have gone on to become staples of the genre. This includes features such as taunts, character-specific intros, and even Super Moves!


  • Increase your Spirit Energy for massive special moves.
  • Change the course of a battle with the ultimate KO move.
  • See the damage with the automatic zoom in/out feature.
  • A total of 33 SNK characters with their own fighting styles and unique moves.
  • Region free. Limited to 3,500 copies available worldwide. This release includes a reversible cover.