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Capcom Belt Action Collection [Nintendo Switch]

by Capcom



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Capcom Belt Action Collection
Capcom Belt Action Collection

Travel back to the glory days of arcade gaming with the Capcom Belt Action Collection for the Nintendo Switch. This comprehensive collection includes seven classic titles, each with various multiplayer options and online capabilities!

This Region Free import plays in full English - or whatever language your system is currently set to!

Games included: Final Fight, Captain Commando, The King of Dragons, Knights of the Round and Warriors of Fate, as well as two games that were previously unavailable on consoles: Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit!

Final Fight

Mayor Mike Haggar vows to snatch the streets of Metro City back from the crooks with his bare knuckles! But the Mad Gear Gang snatches his daughter Jessica. Now there's gonna be some bone-crunching dues to pay! Jessica's boyfriend Cody hits the streets hard with Haggar, denting heads downtown and slugging it out in the slums.

He's a one man army! His weapons are anything he can find -- swords, knives, or pipes. Now you're Haggar or Cody, each with his own fighting style. Demolish gangland henchmen, samurai swordsmen and musclebound crime bosses in a fist-to-nose frenzy!

Captain Commando

The Commando Team is on the run! A corrupt mutant group headed by SCUMOCIDE plots to control the universe, and now the battle has come to Earth. CAPTAIN COMMANDO has assembled a team of 3 motley renegades to stop the crimewave and bring SCUMOCIDE to his knees.

King of Dragons

Darkness has fallen over the kingdom of Malus. Gildiss rises from his slumber and is looking to take his place as the KING OF DRAGONS. As the armies of Malus lie in defeat, you are part of a new band of adventurers that have come to challenge Gildiss. 

Knights of the Round

Legend says that the man who pulls the sword, Excaliber, from the stone is destined to be king. But even the power of Excaliber can not release Britain from the chaos into which it has plunged. Years of civil war have taken their toll and now only the power of the legendary grail can bring peace back to the land.

Join Arthur, Lancelot and Percival as they begin their quest for the magic grail. Do battle with evil knights, petty tyrants and sinister sorcerers as you fight through the darkest trials that evil can muster. Defeat them all to reclaim the grail and you may assume your rightful place as a Knight of the Round!

Warriors of Fate

Set in the ancient Three Kingdoms period of Japan you must help your warrior to fight the evil might of Cao Cao and Wei. Battle through the lands and palaces as you fight swordsmen, spearmen, bomb attackers and much more to restore peace to the lands once again and save the people! Use your character's strengths to your advantage as you power through hordes of enemies with accuracy and speed!

Capcom Belt Action Collection

Armored Warriors

In 2281, the Earth has been battling aliens from the planet of Raia and has only recently agreed to a ceasefire. One year has passed and the the Raian captial "Melkide" has been seized by a unknown army.

The Earth decides to help them out by sending in the Red Shield Unit to save Raia, but unknown to everyone involved, the true purpose of this war was to take over the planet Raia once the army was gone.

Battle Circuit

A high-tension work that depicts the battle between bounty hunters such as Cyber Blue to prevent the ambitions of the organization "Delete" that plans to conquer the world.

Capcom Belt Action Collection

Relive the glory days of cooperative arcade games with the Capcom Belt Action Collection!


  • Grab some friends, stare down the bad guys and BEAT 'EM UP!
  • Relive the glory days of cooperative arcade games with the Capcom Belt Action Collection!
  • Say goodbye to game overs! Adjust your difficulty settings or give yourself more lives to battle through each game in its entirety.
  • This comprehensive collection includes seven classic games, each with various multiplayer options, online capabilities and detailed galleries!