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D&D Campaign Case: Terrain [RPG Style Game Accessory]



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Are you prepared to take your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns to the next level? The Campaign Case: Terrain is your ultimate tool for crafting dynamic and immersive encounters.

PORTABLE ENCOUNTER LOCATIONS: This premium tactical terrain set is tailor-made for the world's most fantastic role-playing game. It equips Dungeon Masters with everything they need to construct captivating adventures in various settings, including the wilderness, dungeons, and bustling cities.

The Perfect Companion: Combine the Campaign Case: Terrain with our Campaign Case: Creatures to create a genuinely premium D&D experience. With these kits, you can craft intricate worlds, populate them with creatures, and lead your party on epic quests.

Elevate your D&D adventures and immerse your players in wonder and excitement with the Campaign Case: Terrain. This kit enables you to create stunning and memorable locations that will leave a lasting impression on your gaming group.

Are you ready to shape your campaign world, face epic challenges, and embark on quests that will be remembered for generations? Order the Campaign Case: Terrain today and make your D&D adventures extraordinary.


  • 30 Double-Sided Terrain Tiles: These interlocking 5" × 5" terrain tiles provide a versatile canvas for building dungeons, cityscapes, and wilderness locations. Unleash your creativity and create intricate, dynamic settings that captivate your players.
  • 5 Sheets of Reusable Adventure Clings: Customize your terrain surfaces easily using these illustrated adventure clings. The assortment includes features for wilderness, dungeons, and interior settings, allowing you to add depth and detail to your maps.
  • Double-Sided Adventure Grid: Measuring 22" × 25.5" when laid flat, this double-sided grid offers Wilderness and Dungeon terrain options. It's the perfect accompaniment for your terrain tiles, ready for use in various combinations to suit your adventure.
  • Storage Folder for Adventure Clings: Keep your adventure clings well-organized and in excellent condition with the dedicated storage folder. There is no more struggling to find the suitable cling for the job.
  • Sturdy and Portable Storage Case: Designed with the adventurous Dungeon Master in mind, our storage case features a magnetic closure and a convenient rope handle. It's the ideal solution for taking your campaigns on the road, ensuring you're always prepared for your next gaming session.
  • Outer Box: Protect your keepsake box with an outer box adorned with all-new artwork. It's not just functional; it's a work of art.