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Dynasty Warriors 5 [PlayStation 2]

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Dynasty Warriors 5
Dynasty Warriors 5

KOEI Tecmo's action-oriented spin-off of its historical strategy game series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, continues on the Sony PS2 with Dynasty Warriors 5.

Dynasty Warriors 5

In Dynasty Warriors 5, you can become a hero in feudal Japan. Combat enemy armies using weapons, mounts, and special attacks. Dynasty Warriors 5 adds new playable characters, weapons, combos, maps, and game modes.

Now, maps are larger, and the enemies are smarter. Dynasty Warriors 5 also adds animal teammates and a revamped weapon system to your arsenal to help you conquer 38 newly-designed maps.

Dynasty Warriors 5

Master your weapons and slice your way through armies of enemy soldiers!


  • Massive roster of 48 playable characters -- largest cast ever for a Dynasty Warriors game.
  • New Jump attacks, new Musou Rage attacks and blazing 9-hit Evolution Combos.
  • Bodyguard officers give single players Double Musou attacks.
  • 38 newly designed maps, with environments that have their own look and feel.
  • Enhanced battlefield base system and intelligent soldiers respond to events more strategically.