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Gal*Gun: Double Peace [Nintendo Switch]

by PQube

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace
Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Notorious rail-shooter, Gal-Gun: Double Peace from PQube, is finally on Nintendo Switch!

Gal*Gun Double Peace is back by popular demand as the series is finally unified on Nintendo Switch! Relive the Genre defining experience with protagonist Houdai as he is thrust into a world of love, lust, and insatiable hordes of schoolgirls.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

After being struck by the cupid angel Ekoro, our hero must fight off wave after wave of his fellow classmates using his “pheromone shot” or risk having all of his energy drained completely. Time is of the essence as failure to find his one true love by the end of the day will leave him forever alone...

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

The hilarious cast of cute and colourful characters make for a heart-warmingly rich narrative combined with Gal*Gun’s staple anime-infused action adventure. The Switch version also comes with DLC fresh out of the box to enhance your academy escapades!


  • Find true love in one day or be forever alone!
  • Play Story Mode or Score Attack game-modes.
  • Unlock stunning artwork and more in the game's gallery.
  • Unlock and upgrade your skill set to improve your abilities.
  • Use your well placed shots to bring them to fits of ecstasy!
  • Multiple endings as you fight for the affections of your Best Girl.
  • Hilarious cast of characters and a heart-warming story where your choices matter.
  • Anime-infused rail-shooter like no other, where the girls throw themselves at you!
  • Includes DLC and costumes from the original Gal*Gun Double Peace already unlocked in game!