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GunGriffon Blaze [PlayStation 2]



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Gungriffon Blaze
Gungriffon Blaze

Gungriffon Blaze from Game Arts and Working Designs for the Sony PS2 is a 3D battlemech game. The game contains six scenarios with a multitude of free-roaming levels.

In a post-apocalyptic future where the nations of the world have splintered into numerous unstable factions, only the powerful Western Alliance can bring peace and stability once more.

Gungriffon Blaze

With an arsenal of powerful AWGS-class infiltration units at their disposal, these battle-hardened warriors have what it takes to rip off a quick CHM round and skeetch the less-skilled predatory scum of the New World Order. These hard-earned skills will be put to the ultimate test in six intense world theatres of operation with you in the vanguard position.

That's right. You've been summoned to join this elite class of peacemakers. So put on a brave face and suck in that gut - you've got a world to save!

Gungriffon Blaze

Set in a devastated post World War III world, the player plays as a mech equipped UN soldier who must maintain peace!


  • Single player campaign mode only.
  • Use your AWGS-class mech to destroy the enemy!
  • Fight your way throguh 6 free-roaming scenarios.