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Handimonium: The Tiny Hands Game [Board Game, 2+ Players]

by Mattel



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Handimonium: The Tiny Hands Game
Handimonium: The Tiny Hands Game

Size matters! Big hands or tiny hands, it’s what you do with them that counts. How well can you function with tiny hands? Play Handimonium from Mattel Games and find out!

Handimonium is a hilarious party game in which you challenge your friends to simple tasks that become extremely difficult when they have to perform them wearing a pair of tiny hands!

Wearing a pair of tiny hands, you have to try to perform seemingly simple tasks like filling a cup with water and tying your shoes. Can you put the cap back on a pen? Can you take silverware out of a dishwasher? The fumbling makes for hilarious fun!

How about a game of charades in which you act out clues using your tiny digits? However you play, there will be a lot of laughs! You will NOT be asked to perform open-heart surgery, re-wire an electrical system or drive a speeding racecar, but you may need stuff from around the house to complete some challenges.

Handimonium: The Tiny Hands Game
Handimonium: The Tiny Hands Game

Two teams compete to see who can complete the most tasks while using the small, doll-like hands provided. And you can always play one against one! So, if you’re ready for the ultimate test of ridiculous tasks – let’s get small!


  • Game night fun for 2+ players, age 13 and older.
  • Handimonium game guarantees big laughs and big fun!
  • Play charades with your friends using these ridiculous tiny hands!
  • You have to wear a pair of tiny hands and then perform seemingly simple tasks
  • Challenge your friends to some of the most difficult tasks you can think of, and then watch them fumble!
  • Some challenges use household objects to perform tricky tasks! Can you tie your shoes? Can you fill a cup with water? With tiny hands it's not so easy!