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Hatchimals: Cloud Cove Mystery Egg [Toys, Ages 5+]



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Hatchimals: Cloud Cove Mystery Egg
Hatchimals: Cloud Cove Mystery Egg

For the first time in Hatchimals history, who you'll hatch is a total mystery! Hatch 1 of 4 possibilities with the Hatchimals: Cloud Cove Mystery Egg from Spin Master!

Hatchimals Mystery

One speckled egg, four fluffy friends! Find out who’s inside your Hatchimals Mystery egg! You could find a super soft Bunwee, Pandor, Hedgyhen or Elefly! Coming all the way from Cloud Cove, these adorable Hatchimals can play games and even learn your name. Will you hatch the ultimate mystery?

Hold! Hatch! Play!

Experience a magical hatch! Use your love and care to hold, hug and rub your egg. Listen to its heartbeat and look out for a glowing set of eyes inside the egg. Tap the colorful speckled shell and your Hatchimal will really tap back! Once you see glowing rainbow eyes, it’s hatching time! Keep rubbing your egg to encourage your Hatchimal to peck, peck, peck! Who will you hatch?

Snuggle your Fluffy Hatchimal

These brand new species of Hatchimals come from Cloud Cove in Hatchtopia. They have soft pastel-colored fur and fuzzy expandable wings – perfect for cuddling! Snuggle up to your new Hatchimal to feel how fluffy they are.

Teach Them Your Name

These sweet Hatchimals can learn and say your name! Hold their tummy and head at the same time. Their eyes will flash blue, then turn a solid color. Say your name out loud and your Hatchimal will repeat your name and even mention it in everyday chat! They can’t wait to meet you

Hatchimals: Cloud Cove Mystery Egg
Hatchimals: Cloud Cove Mystery Egg

You could hatch and discover one of four possible Hatchimals (or maybe even more). Meet a Bunwee, with soft rabbit ears; a Hedgyhen with a fluffy mane; a Pandor, with brightly colored fur; or an Elefly, with cute, round ears! But remember, they all need your love and care to help them hatch!


  • Includes - 1 Hatchimal, instruction guide, cheat sheet, 2 x AA batteries.
  • Hatch A New Friend - Use your love and care to hatch a speckled egg, and meet an adorable new friend.
  • Super Fluffy Fur - These adorable Hatchimals have super fluffy patterned fur. They even have expandable wings!
  • New Mystery Hatch - For the first time ever, you have no idea who's inside an egg! You could hatch a supper fluffy Bunwee, Pandor, Hedgehog, or Elefly!
  • Raise From Baby to Kid - Discover your Hatchimals mystery, then raise them from baby to toddler to kid! At each stage, you'll discover brand-new music and games.
  • They Learn Your Name - Teach your Hatchimals how to say your name! Once they know your name, they'll use it in everyday chat. You can even record new names again and again.