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Little Witch Nobeta - Limited Edition [Nintendo Switch]




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Dive into the enchanting world of Little Witch Nobeta - Limited Edition. Unveil the mysteries of an ancient castle, harness your magical prowess, and conquer the Crafted Souls. This Limited Edition is your key to an extraordinary gaming experience.

The Limited Edition includes:

  • Game (with reversible cover sleeve): Uncover the original Japanese cover art with a touch of magic.
  • Steel Game Case: Safeguard your game with a spell-cast steel case, protecting it from Crafted Souls.
  • "Compendium of Crafted Souls" Hardcover Art Book: Delve deeper into the game's universe with character insights, concept art, castle treasures, and more.
  • Little Witch Nobeta Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the spectral melodies of your journey, including the theme song "Memory of Soul."
  • Pop-Up Card: Join Nobeta as she delves into her library for research, providing a glimpse into your adventure.
  • Sleeping Nobeta Plushie: Join Nobeta in a moment of rest with this adorable plushie, a perfect companion after your battles.
  • Collector's Box: A magical box to keep all your collectibles safe.
  • Exclusive Trading Card: A memorable memento to cherish.

Prepare to embark on a spellbinding adventure in the mystical world of Little Witch Nobeta. In this uniquely captivating 3D action shooter, you'll step into the shoes of the titular little witch, Nobeta, as she sets foot in an ancient and enigmatic castle. Her quest?

To unravel the secrets of her origins and confront the menacing Crafted Souls that dwell within.

You'll face mighty monsters and even mightier bosses as you progress through the game. To overcome these formidable adversaries, you must collect Soul Essences from vanquished foes and use them to fortify your magical abilities. The castle's depths teem with hidden treasures waiting for your keen exploration.

Explore a world of magic, mysteries, and challenges in Little Witch Nobeta. Become a master of spells and face formidable Crafted Souls in this unique 3D action shooter. Your journey is about to become more enchanting than ever before!

  • Unleash Magic: Step into the role of Nobeta, a young witch, as she unravels the mysteries of an ancient castle and faces off against Crafted Souls.
  • Intense Battles: Conquer mighty monsters and formidable bosses. Collect Soul Essences to strengthen your abilities.
  • Brain-Teasing Puzzles: Use elemental magic to solve puzzles and unlock hidden areas of the castle.
  • Immersive Lore: Collect items and uncover the enigmatic world of Nobeta as you progress.
  • Language Options: Enjoy in-game voices in Japanese and choose from English, French, or Spanish text.
  • Limited Edition Collectibles: A treasure trove of collectibles, including a hardcover art book, original soundtrack, plushie, and more.