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My Arcade - Pac-Man Pocket Player Portable Gaming System [Retro System]

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My Arcade - Pac-Man Pocket Player Portable Gaming System
My Arcade - Pac-Man Pocket Player Portable Gaming System

Take the arcade legend on the road with the My Arcade - Pac-Man Pocket Player Portable Gaming System!

The 2.75-inch screen lets you dodge ghosts and collect Pac-Dots in a full-color display, and the built-in speaker and headphone jack amplify play sessions through nostalgic sound effects and music. The collection of classic titles in this Pac-Man pocket player provides hours of retro gaming entertainment.

Travel back to the golden age of arcade games with this pocket player that includes the original Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, and Pac-Panic.


Gobble, gobble, gulp! Who's munching Power Pellets? Who's zipping around the maze at top speed, chomping up ghosts and scoring big points? It's Pac-Man, the world's hungriest character! Devour a fruit treat and get a big bonus score. But if you're caught by the little haunters, you're ghostflakes! Use the warp tunnel for a quick escape. Hours of ghost-chomping action!


You know Pac-Man, that world-famous, dot-munchin', maze-runnin' yella fella who's full of fun and frenzy. Now you can play Pac-Man like you've never played before - in spectacular 3-D! In Pac-Mania, everything on the screen comes alive! The lovable ghosts glide through the air.

Dots and energizer pellets hang in midair. Pac-Man gets a new power: He can jump up and over ghosts! There's also a Pac Booster feature that lets you move Pac-Man at superspeed. You'll love the new challenging mazes - they come in so many mind-boggling shapes, they'll turn you into a certified Pac-Maniac!

My Arcade - Pac-Man Pocket Player Portable Gaming System


Pac-Man makes a rare appearance outside of a maze environment in Pac-Panic, a fun and quirky puzzle game. This unique entry in the genre puts its own twist on established conventions and adds one of gaming's most iconic characters to the mix. The goal is simple: Keep your screen clear of falling blocks and ghosts by lining up blocks horizontally, causing them to disappear.

My Arcade - Pac-Man Pocket Player Portable Gaming System

It's easier than ever to experience 3 arcade gaming classics!


  • Enjoy games on the go.
  • The large 2.75" full-color screen provides clear image.
  • Built-in speaker with volume control and 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Features three classic Pac-Man titles, including Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, and Pac-Panic.
  • Powered by either four AAA batteries (not included) or by any micro USB cable (not included).