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Pictionary [Board Game, 2+ Players]

by Mattel



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Speed, not artistry, is the key to Pictionary from Mattel Games - a party game that stole the show from Charades in the '80s!

Count on big laughs when you and your friends get together to find out who's an artist and who really isn't! In this quick-draw classic, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches as you use markers to draw your best rendition of the clue on the card.

You have one minute to convey what's on the card. Is it an animal? A person? An action? Just what is that word you're drawing?? If your team members just aren't getting it, try a different direction; you never know what kinds of clues might trigger the answer. You take turns drawing, so all players get to channel their inner artists! And the laughs just keep coming!

A Party Favorite for Over 30 Years!

In the mid-1980s, a new party game entered the room and said, “Step aside, Charades. There’s a new sheriff in town!” Ever since then, Pictionary has been the ultimate party game - for kids and adults!

Here’s How You Play

The game is simple. One player chooses a card with a word or phrase on it and then draws images to get fellow teammates to say what’s on the card. No adding letters or numbers and no pointing to things in the room and no verbal cues! This game is all about the “art”!

There are two levels of clues (1200 Adult, 800 Junior) so if you like, kids and adults can play together. Pictionary is a beloved family game for all time.

“But I Can’t Draw!”

Don’t worry about it! The less artistic ability the players have, the funnier the game is! If your team members just aren’t getting what you’re drawing, try a different direction; you never know what kinds of clues might trigger the answer. Just do your best and get ready for a whole lot of laughs!


A Great Game for Kids and Adults.


Pictionary now includes two erasable markers, erasable boards for drawing, and an updated Pop Culture category of clues. Year after year since 1985, Pictionary has proven itself to be the ultimate party game!


  • The classic quick-draw game since 1985.
  • Two levels of clues (120 Adult, 80 Junior) make this a great game for kids and adults.
  • You don’t have to be an artist; in fact, if you “can’t draw,” the game can be even funnier.
  • Includes two erasable makers, erasable boards for drawing and an updated category of clues.