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Reload: Target Down [Nintendo Wii]

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Reload: Target Down
Reload: Target Down

Reload: Target Down from Mastiff for the Nintendo Wii has hours of action-packed excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Train hard to shoot right! Can you make it as a sniper, a SWAT officer doing hostage rescue? A Secret Service Officer, a solider firing a heavy vehicle mounted machine gun going through an enemy village? Find out in RELOAD.

Reload: Target Down

Split second reflexes, nerves of steel and total focus are just part of waht it takes to win in this fast-paced, pulse-pounding package. Challenge your friends, grab your weapon, and enter a world where speed and skill decide your fate. Just don't forget to reload!

Reload: Target Down

Take aim... fire... fire... reload!


  • Online leaderboard and 1-4 player modes.
  • 25+ Real Weapons including the AK47, Desert Eagle, the AA-12.
  • No human or animal targets! Scenarios feature simulated paper bad guys.
  • 35+ Scenarios; Sniper training, hostage rescue training, pistol drills, grenade launcher training and much, much more.