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Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul - Limited Edition [PlayStation 4]



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Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul - Limited Edition
Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul - Limited Edition

Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul from eastasiasoft for the Sony PS4, the 3D hack-and-slash action game featuring stunning heroines, returns with a new update containing new story content and characters.

This Region Free import plays in full English - or whatever language your system is currently set to!

Limited Edition includes Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul Collector’s Box, Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul for the Sony PS4, the Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul Manual, the Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul Original Soundtrack and a Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul Numbered Certificate! Only 1000 Limited Editions manufactured!

Get ready for a hack-and-slash action experience filled with bots, babes and a whole lot of bounce! Take the role of 4 armored heroines across intertwining stories of escape and espionage, each girl with her own unique skills, weaponry and fighting style. Combining 3D beat ‘em up mechanics with screen-filling “bullet hell” intensity, combat demands quick-thinking strategy and rewards efficient performance.

This updated version of SMASHING THE BATTLE includes all content from the original game plus the new Ghost Soul chapter set in 2086 AD, one year after the incident involving Sarah O’Connell, effectively doubling the content and introducing additional playable characters, more suits and dozens of challenging stages! Battle through robotic enemies to collect coins and scrap, then use those precious resources to upgrade skills, improve stats, unlock outfits or purchase in-game bonuses!

Gameplay - Smashing the Battle Is a Hack-And-Slash Action Game

You battle against robots using standard attacks, as well as combo attacks. By crushing the enemy, you can open up the way forward. By attacking the enemy, you can gain skill points, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks on large groups of enemies all at once. After clearing each stage, use the coins you have collected to strengthen your character, allowing you to take on even more enemies. You can also use coins to purchase different costumes with various abilities.

Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul - Limited Edition

2086 AD - Introduction: Ghost Soul

The sealed underground area - 1 year after the incident with Kate. Amano Elle, an agent of the Special Operations Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, is tailing a Republic spy, who has entered the country undercover. A legendary hacker appears on the scene when Elle breaks into a facility where the former army was conducting secret nuclear research. Elle and Alina, both agents of opposing nations, each on a mission to discover the truth! Nuclear development, Military puppet operations, Neo-biocentrism... What will they find at the end of their intersecting stories?

2085 AD - Introduction

In the dead of the night, at the Highrise multiplex construction site... Sarah O'Connell and her colleague, Ivan, are suddenly surrounded by rogue robots. After being rescued by Lorien, Sarah is able to escape and takes up the Hazard Suit in order to fight her way out!

Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul - Limited Edition

As the stories of Sarah and Mary collide, will they be able to get to the bottom of the incident and find out the truth?


  • Upgrade skills and stats as you progress!
  • Play as 4 stunning heroines, each offering a unique play style.
  • Replay stages at any time to improve scores and earn better rewards.
  • Combo your way through mechanical enemies in frenetic real-time action!
  • Unlock additional suits for each girl to alter appearance and modify combat abilities!
  • Experience the complete original SMASHING THE BATTLE plus all-new Ghost Soul content.