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The Complete Love Comes Softly Collection [DVD Box Set]



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The Complete Love Comes Softly 8-DVD Collection in a Collector's Edition slipcase, now available from Shopville.

Love Comes Softly

In the wake of her husband's death, newly widowed pioneer woman Marty tries to survive life on the open range by heeding the advice of friends, marrying a man she doesn't love and caring for his child.

Marty plans to stay until the spring -- but when it comes time to move on, things don't turn out as she expected.

Love's Enduring Promise

Devout, wild west farmer, Clark Davis, works his tail off to provide for his family. Clark has an accident chopping firewood and accidentally hits his leg with an ax. He would have bled to death if not for a wandering youngster who found him.

Grateful Clark offers the youth an indefinite farmhand job, all the more interesting as Clark's daughter Missy takes to the boy, but she is also courted by a classy railroad surveyor.

Love's Long Journey

Missie's surprise pregnancy sets her on a new course that is both thrilling and terrifying. After all the planning and dreaming, she and her husband, Willie, have headed west in a covered wagon, leaving behind the prairie home of Missie's parents.

Now, caught between the excitement of the new adventure and the pain of not knowing when she'll see her family again, Missie copes with the challenges, and cherishes the rewards, of her new homestead.

Love's Abiding Joy

The continued Westward journey of settlers Missie and Willie Lahaye. Their roots now firmly planted as they set up homestead in the far West, Missie begins to realize her passion for teaching as Willie cares for the couple's family expanding the ranch.

When the frontier railroad comes to town, the pleasure of a long-promised visit from Missie's father Clark is suddenly offset by a family tragedy. The outcome drives an emotional wedge between Missie and Willie. Their faith shaken and their once close-knit bond suddenly torn asunder, Missie and Willie desperately attempt to bring their crumbling family back together.

Love's Unending Legacy

Missie three years later: being a single mother after her husband Willie was shot during a poker scuffle, moves back east near her parents, Clark and Marty.

She finds finds a new teaching position that she settles right into, but Missie has lost all faith in herself, until a chance encounter at her father's church. Eventually, she also opens up to the possibility of love again.

Love's Unfolding Dream

Missie's (Erin Cottrell) adopted daughter Belinda (Scout Taylor-Compton) is determined to become a doctor, but despite her dedication and ability, Doc Johnson (Robert Pine) believes women should stay at home - and so does Belinda's suitor, Drew Simpson (Patrick Levis)!

But with faith and hard work, Belinda begins winning the hearts and minds of everyone around her, including a wealthy dowager (Nancy Linehan Charles), who just might help make Belinda's dreams come true.

Love Takes Wing

Missie Tyler's tenacious daughter, Belinda, has achieved her dream of becoming a doctor. Now, she must prepare to leave her small rural town for the big city.

Love Finds Home

Dr. Belinda Owens (Sarah Jones), a young woman with a loving husband (Jordan Bridges) and a rewarding career. But when Belinda's pregnant friend Annie (Haylie Duff) comes to stay, Belinda must come to grips with her own inability to conceive.

And when Annie's meddlesome mother-in-law (Patty Duke) gives Belinda advice about her medical practice, Belinda looks to a higher power for strength, wisdom and even diplomacy.

Codec: MPEG-2
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1, 2.35:1, 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1, 2.39:1


English, Spanish

Eight-disc set (8 DVDs)

Region 1 (CAN/USA)