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Undertale [PlayStation 4]



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Welcome to Undertale from Fangamer for the Sony PS4. In this RPG, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out... or stay trapped forever!

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Humans and Monsters!

In this RPG, you don't have to kill anyone. Each enemy can be 'defeated' nonviolently. Dance with a slime. Pet a dog. Whisper your favorite secret to a knight. Or, ignore this choice and rain destruction upon your foes.

But your journey will take determination. Each adversary has unique bullet patterns that you must dodge as well. (Don't worry, it's not that hard...)

Emphasis on humor, character dialogue and player choice. Average playtime is 6 hours.


Don't know why... But a lot of people love this game! Who knows. You may love it too!


  • At least 5 dogs.
  • You can date a skeleton.
  • Created mostly by one person.
  • Hmmm... now there are 6 dogs...?
  • Become friends with all of the bosses!
  • Maybe you won't want to date the skeleton.
  • Original art and soundtrack brimming with personality.
  • Soulful, character-rich story with an emphasis on humor.
  • I thought I found a 7th dog, but it was actually just the 3rd dog.
  • If you play this game, can you count the dogs for me...? I'm not good at it.
  • Killing is unnecessary: negotiate out of danger using the unique battle system.
  • Time your attacks for extra damage, then dodge enemy attacks in a style reminiscent of top-down shooters.