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War Mongrels - Renegade Edition [PlayStation 5]




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Experience the dark and riveting world of war like never before with War Mongrels - Renegade Edition on the PlayStation 5. This intense, tactical adventure blends dynamic gameplay and a gripping story set during the chaos of World War II.

War Mongrels - Renegade Edition for PlayStation 5 offers a dynamic gaming experience, seamlessly blending tactical, adventure, and stealth elements, ensuring you remain on the edge of your seat. As you navigate the chaos of World War II, you'll lead a diverse squad of renegades, each with their own distinct personality, background, and unique abilities. This allows you to adapt your strategies and tactics to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

The game's interactive environment is a critical asset. You can use diversionary tactics distractions and explore haunting historical locations, including concentration camps and mass graves. Whether you prefer to operate in the shadows, strategically ambushing your enemies, or go in guns blazing using twin-stick shooter controls, War Mongrels provides an immersive, challenging, and gripping experience. To succeed, pause the action and issue orders to your squad members, ensuring well-coordinated and strategic assaults that catch your enemies off guard. 

Prepare to rewrite history, immerse yourself in a gripping story, and lead your squad to victory. Are you up for the challenge?


  • Dynamic Gameplay: War Mongrels combines exciting, tactical, adventure, and stealth elements to engage you in an action-packed gaming experience.
  • Diverse Squad: Lead a squad of unique renegades, each with personality, background, and special abilities, shaping your strategies throughout the game.
  • Interactive Environment: Use the environment to your advantage. Employ diversionary tactics and distraction methods, and explore chilling historical locations like concentration camps and mass graves.
  • Stealth and Action: Choose your approach. Sneak in the shadows, ambushing enemies tactically, or go guns blazing with intense twin-stick shooter controls.
  • Tactical Planning: Pause the action and issue orders to each squad member, allowing for coordinated and strategic assaults, catching your enemies off guard.