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Way of the Samurai [PlayStation 2]

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Way of the Samurai
Way of the Samurai

Step into feudal Japan as a samurai. Learn the sword fighting techniques and make the alliances needed to keep the emperor in power in Way of the Samurai from Bam Entertainment for the Sony PS2.

Way of the Samurai

The year is 1878. The collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the rise of the Meiji Restoration Era has brought an end to the age of samurai.

Born to a time that no longer needs or welcomes them, these samurai are a far cry from the heroes and legends that preceded them. Way of the Samurai is a story of the samurai in their final days. These are turbulent times: on the Hill of the Six Bones, three groups wrestle for power.

Into this conflict you are drawn, and your choices will determine its outcome. Alliances, deception, and betrayal are all tools at your disposal, as is dynamic 3-D combat featuring 40 different swords and 200 fighting techniques.

Way of the Samurai puts you in the role of a wandering samurai who is drawn into a conflict between the Kurofu family and the Akadama Clan over an iron foundry.

Way of the Samurai

As you meet with both sides of the dispute, you can use deception, betrayal, or combat to shape the outcome of the conflict. Pick up dozens of different swords, each representing a different fighting style.

Choose from dozens of unique characters and face off against a friend!


  • Your "moral" choices determine the outcome.
  • Choose one of four samurai in this Multi-Path adventure.
  • Pick up dozens of different swords, each representing a different fighting style.